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Looking Ahead:

  1. September is a time of changes. It marks the end of summer growth season and we begin to look forward to the fall blooms. For those orchids that are sensitive to day length, we want to make sure they can notice the shortening days of fall and not be tricked by indoor lighting. If orchids are under supplemental lighting, changing the timer frequently to match the shortening days allows orchids to experience the shortening days.

  2. Although we won't continue feeding orchids at elevated summer levels beyond September, we will be feeding "weakly weekly" going forward.

  3. In preparation for fall repotting, take a look at different mixes. You're sure to find just the right mix for your environment. If you'd like to make your own orchid mix, you can choose the media you want.

“Weekly, Weakly”

Orchids want to be fed "weekly weakly". Essentially, what this means, is that for your orchid to be at its best, it should be fed a small amount of fertilizer about once a week. 

The best practice for fertilizing an orchid is to water it first, letting the water run through the bottom of the pot, and then pour your fertilizer mixture over the top of the mix. We want to do this for 3 consecutive weeks, taking the 4th week off from fertilizing. Water your orchid normally on that 4th week to flush out any salts left behind by the fertilizer.

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