President's Corner

Written by Chris Ehrler

As I am writing this we are in the middle of our normal fall heat wave. I heard it was 93 degrees in Shell Beach yesterday and it is supposed to be hotter today. Hopefully you kept your orchids happy during this hot period. Our speaker at last month's meeting Sandy Svoboda, the current Editor in Chief of Orchid Digest, stated that this year's last issue would be on the group of orchids in the sub-tribe Catasetinae. That issue will be out in October but if you sign up as a member of Orchid Digest by December 1 of this year your first issue will be that one. If you decide you want a copy of that issue after December 1, it will cost you $35. The main article will be by Fred Clarke and will be about breeding within this group and will contain over 150 pictures of species and hybrids. There will also be articles about culture, the catasetums growing in Brazil, and a chart showing were the Latin American catasetums are found in the wild. Sounds like a great issue so you might consider subscribing to Orchid Digest prior to December 1. Below center is the cover of that issue.

Also, you might be interested in the World Orchid Conference which will be held November 8-13, 2017 in Ecuador. Ecuador is relatively small in size but has over 4,000 different orchid species. Within the county there are habitats from the Amazon jungle to the high Andes Mountains. Because it is on the equator it has 13 hour of sunlight every day plus hundreds of different micro-climates that contribute to the orchid biodiversity. I am sure the orchid displays will be outstanding. The conference has also scheduled and pre- and post-conference trips through the country to see orchids in their native environment. There are a few FCOS members that have expressed an interest in possible attending the conference and tours so if you decide to go you will see some familiar faces. More information can be found at The Orchid Conservation Alliance also has a post-conference tour scheduled but it is limited to only 14 participants. If you want to go with this tour, you will need to sign up sooner than later. Once it is full you will not be able go with them.

Hope to see you are the October meeting. Chris