Regarding Our 2017 Orchid Show - My 10 cents

Written by Barb Walsh

According to the American Orchid Society one of the top signs of a healthy orchid society is having a show. Attendance has been on the decline the past several years at our show. The show committee is asking the FCOS membership for their suggestions on how to better promote the show as well as any thoughts they might have to freshen up our efforts to increase attendance. We really need help with social media. The committee works year round putting together the show. Now is the time for us to entertain your ideas and/or skills so we are able to implement them in a timely manner for the upcoming 22nd annual show this April. Let's keep our society healthy and our show alive. With your help we look forward to continuing to be "the best little show in California." Please let us hear from you at this meeting.

Barb Walsh