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Speaker Notes from September

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Sandy Svoboda was our guest speakers. Her topic was Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: Orchids of Bhutan. Sandy’s presentation left no doubt with her audience of her love for this Himalayan mountain kingdom. Just 18,146 sq. mi with a population of 700,000 it is a wealthy country thanks to plant and hydroelectricity sales. Since people all over Asia are eating a lot of orchids, the focus is on ecological happiness. When it became a constitutional monarchy in 2007, the people needed to learn how to vote. Its national sport is archery.

Sandy had spectacular slides to show us. She had the plants grouped by species which made it easy to follow her talk. Her favorite were Coelogyne but she also had an amazing variety of cymbidiums, dendrobiums, phaps, phals, etc. She noted 369 species in Bhutan with 14 species being endemic to that country.