Speaker Notes from October

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FCOS enjoyed having Jim Kotsybar from Chaotic Exotics speak at the October meeting. He did a retro presentation using real slides instead of a PowerPoint presentation. Eric and Christina fortunately still had their Kodak projector. His slides were great and included a wide variety of different species. He began by talking about the epiphytic life of many orchids and their roots' ability to capture water by the velum (outer cells of the root). He also reminded folks about the difference between sepals and petals and how they look different in a wide variety of orchid genera. He also discussed the different statures of some orchid groups related to their pollinators. Orchids appear to use a wide variety of colors, shapes, and smell to attract pollinators that will pick up pollen at one flower and hopefully transfer it to another flower to complete the reproductive process. Jim showed almost two complete trays of slides so everyone in attendance got a see a wide variety of different species. 

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