July 2016

As most of you hopefully know, we will be having our mid-year BBQ and potluck on July 14. Allan Durham will again be our master chef for the evening. Dinner will begin at 6:30 (earlier than our normal meeting time) and you need to bring along you own place setting(s), beverage, and a dish to share. Try to be there well before 6:30. To make the evening successful, we also hope that each person will donate to the silent auction. If you have transplanted your orchids and now have more than one pot of a particular orchid, please consider donating one of the orchids. Or if you have too many orchids for your growing space or orchids that you cannot give the correct environmental conditions for it to grow well, please donate them to the auction. You will also want to bring along your checkbook so you can pay for the new treasures that you win at the auction. The money we generate from the silent auction helps to keep our annual dues low and allows us to continue to be able to afford quality speakers. If you are new to the society and have questions, please give me a call.

Remember that if your orchids are not growing well, especially at this time of the year when many are putting out new growths and roots, there might be a problem. You might not be giving your orchids the correct conditions and care. This can include over or under watering, not having the correct amount of light for you orchid, adding too much or too little fertilizer when you water them, and not giving them enough air movement to list a few of the possibilities. So do not be afraid to ask folks at the meeting how they grow their orchids, especially those that bring in their plants for show and tell. They probably have already experienced the same problems you are experiencing and they can help you become a better grower.

It's time for the annual Name That Show contest. Yes, the FCOS Show Committee is looking for suggestions for next year's show theme. The person who enters the winning name will get a surprise gift. I know at this point you already have suggestions for the name and want to know what you need to do to enter. It's easy. Send me an email with your suggestions (no limit on the number of names you can enter) at my home email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). I will be the only one who knows who entered which names and I will give the show committee only the suggested theme names. They will only find out who entered the winning name once they have made their final decision. All proposed theme names must be to me no later than FRIDAY, JULY 22, so start sending them soon.

Hope to see you are the July meeting/dinner/silent auction. Chris

FCOS was happy to have Angelic Nguyen speak to us about the Orchids of Vietnam at the May 2016 meeting. She stated that as of 2007 there had been about 920 species from 158 genera of orchids found growing in Vietnam. New orchids are being found each year and it is estimated that there is a total of about 1,100 to 1,200 species in the country. Her photos were sent to her by a number of friends she has living there. The genera with the most species in Vietnam are Dendrobium and Bulbophyllum with each genera being represented by about 100-110 species based on the numbers available in 2007. The northern part of the Vietnam has four seasons with wet cold winters, while the central and southern parts of the county generally just have only two different seasons. Besides the great photos of orchids, Angelic also showed us a number of beautiful photos of the countryside including the rice patties that were built in terraces on the steep hillsides.

July is a time of active growth for most orchids and there are very few varieties that are in bloom now. Abundant light and fertilizer help ensure good growth. As the temperatures heat up, increasing air circulation can help orchids beat the heat.

  1. Keeping orchids moist can be a challenge as temperatures heat up

  2. Many Phalaenopsis start to lose their blooms in early summer, learn about which stems to cut, and which to keep. Repot Phals when they go out of bloom.

  3. Mid-summer affords the opportunity to take some time to get organized. A good orchid label system will help keep an orchid collection organized

  4. Many orchids benefit greatly from spending summers outside. Many popular genera such as Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium and Oncidium really grow better and bloom more reliably when treated to the summer outdoors. One point to consider, if an orchid is classified as "high light" it does not mean the kind of full sun that tomato plants require. "High light" is a relative term and refers to the light requirements of the Orchid Family. Dappled shade is a good bet for many "high light" genera.


FYI - Our Aug. 11 meeting will have Tanya Lam from San Jose speaking to us about The Long Lasting and Frequent Blooming Orchid Species. Mark your calendars.