September 2014

Speaker for September 11th

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Our September speaker will be Heather Vallier of Crop Doctor Laboratory.  Heather is a local professional plant pathologist -- she is the person professional growers go to when they have a plant problem that stumps them.  Her presentation will cover ailments common to orchids.  If you have sickly orchids, this is your golden opportunity to bring them to the meeting and have them looked at by a trained professional.  Just be sure to keep the problem plants away from all the healthy plants at the meeting.

August Speaker Notes

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mtg-summaryFOCS had the pleasure of hosting Dan Newman at their August meeting. Dan's topic was "The Mysterious Maxillarias". He dedicated his talk to the late Dr. Eric Christensen who did a lot of work on classification of species in this genus. A few years ago there were over 570 valid species descriptions, but Dan thought that by now there were probably more that had been described. Plus taxonomy of this genus is subject to debate with some folks thinking that some species might belong in different genera. The Maxillarias grow mainly as epiphytes from Mexico to Brazil and Argentina with a few in the Caribbean. Their highest diversity is in the Andes Mountains. They can successfully be grown in pots, baskets or mounted on various materials. Some are temperature tolerant but generally most prefer intermediate conditions.