March 2015

During the meeting we will again address:

• Distribution of posters and 1/4 sheet handouts.  Barb has done another great job on the graphics.

• Friday Nite Preview party preparations and ticket sales.

• Our big challenge – Volunteer worker sign-ups.

As a reminder: We will be doing a display in the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show, March 13 - 15.  We go down to S.B. on Wednesday, March 11, to set up our display.  Anyone interested in helping that day, please contact Eric.  If your math is sharp you will note that our March meeting happens the next day after set-up.  So if you have plants you would like to enter in the Santa Barbara Show, please let us know by Mar 7-8 so we can make arrangements to get them to Santa Barbara.

From Barb Walsh: The key points I would push are "get the word out" about the show via paper (posters/handouts) or electronically (email/facebook). Buy and sell preview tickets. Bring your cleaned plants to the regional center on Thursday, March 26 by early afternoon if possible. Don't forget to wear your name tag if you're working the show. If you don't have one and are a paid member, there will be one for you in the break room. Come have tons of fun sharing our passion for orchids.

  • Clip off burnt, brown edges of leaves.
  • Peel off old brown sheaths around bulbs.
  • Separate spikes just the right amount and keep them straight.
  • Use milk, lemon juice or pineapple juice to remove hardwater spots.
  • DO NOT use artificial leaf shine spray.
  • Stake to focus on blooms.
  • Look under, on, in all the leaves and flowers for BUGS. Squirt with mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Then brush off the nasty critters.
  • Be sure to label your plant with its name, etc and your name.

Important---YOUR PLANTS make our displays bloom.

We are excited to announce that our March speaker will be Jason Fischer of Orchids Limited in Minnesota.  Because Jason is out here for the Santa Barbara show, we were able to coax him to make the relatively short drive up here to speak.   Again, Jason is one of our  Big Name speakers so we urge all of you to make it to the meeting.  Jason will be speaking on Phragmipediums, the South American slipper orchids.  Jason will also be supplying the plant table. Orchids Limited has always maintained the utmost in the quality of plants they sell. There will be NO speaker dinner.

Incidentally,  last time Jason spoke  here  I bought a Phragmipedium besseae x kovachii.  That plant went on to win an Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society and then a Silver Certificate from the Cymbidium Society of America.

Jason Fischer of Orchids LimitedJason Fischer works and helps manage Orchids Limited in Plymouth, Minnesota USA with his father Jerry Fischer.  Orchids Limited opened in 1978 in Minnetonka in a small retail greenhouse off of Highway 12.  In 1983, Orchids Limited moved to Plymouth where they have grown into a mid-sized operation of 4 greenhouses with 15,000 square feet of growing space, a shade house, and laboratory.   

Jason has had a life-long education in orchids mainly from the opportunity to be raised in a family orchid business.  Jason’s educational interests were strongly influenced by Japan. He studied the Japanese language and culture for 6 years in high school and at the University of Minnesota. Jason lived in Kyoto, Japan from 2001 to 2003, and upon return decided to import Japanese orchid species and add a new niche to the business. 

Having worked for his father since the age of 5, Jason has learned the orchid world from the business and hobbyists perspective.  He took interest in orchid hybridization and lab work around 14 years of age, and first started breeding with phalaenopsis, which later on lead to paphs, phrags and miscellaneous hybrids.

Jason’s first lecture on Neofinetia falcata at the Minnesota Orchid Society in 2004 was the kick-off for an amazing journey of lectures across America and Canada.  He has a passion for orchids, and the communication skills he developed in Japan as an English teacher have helped him create interesting lectures that won’t put the audience to sleep.

Jason enjoys photographing orchids in situ, and has photographed orchids in situ in Japan, North America, Singapore, Malaysia and Western Australia.

Alan Durham
At the March meeting, Larry Vierheilig donated 2 lovely, huge plants to the club for an auction. Alan Durham was the proud winner of the hanging basket and Linda Hauss took home the potted cat


John DeSousa
An interesting note: John DeSousa brought in a phal he had purchased at a local grocery store that was on its last leg or should I say last spike. He told us how he nursed it back to health and saved it. He even managed to save the spike and has it blooming.