March 2014

The Prez Sez

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Did you ever think a plant label could save the life of an orchid plant?
I admit like all of you there are more important things to occupy my mind, but a recent experience made me realize the importance of maintaining an accurate inventory and identification of our orchid collections.
   As you may know a long time member of another society recently passed away and his family wants to clear out the collection, and tear down the greenhouse. I volunteered to help the society with the sale on Sunday 2/23.

Central Coast Orchid Show (That's Us)

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As last month, we'll be passing around the volunteer signup sheet to work the Show. We'll need the most help on Saturday.  We'll have advance tickets for the Friday Nite Party, $45 each, see Bonnie.  Posters and 1/4 sheet handouts will be out for you to distribute.  Stick a poster on your car window -- great mobile advertising.  Scotch tape all four sides so dew doesn't get underneath and wrinkle it.  If it rains, slap another one on.  Thank you all ribbon judge volunteers -- we'll have enough this year for FOUR teams, making your job easier.  As always, we’ll need blooming orchids for the club display.  Prepping plants for the Show will be the topic of this months' program.

Speaker Notes February 2014 FCOS Meeting

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mtg-summaryWayne Ferrell from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate (SBOE) spoke to FCOS about potting media and mounting orchids. He stated that orchids need long lasting media that allows good aeration but also hold moisture. Many different medias have been used including 1) Douglas fir bark (used to be good but now breakdown in about 2 years), 2) cocochips (need to rinse well before use, and quality can vary between vendors and batches at any one vendor), 3) Orchiata (chemically treated Monterey Pine bark - used for about 90% of the orchids at SBOE), 4) KiwiBark (similar to Orchiata but not chemically treated),

Santa Barbara Orchid Show

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FCOS will again be putting a display in.  Our support of Santa Barbara is important as the AOS judges from the SB area always support our show and monthly meetings.  I did some quick math:  On Monday March 10 and Tuesday March 11 I will be running around gathering plants for the display.  Pack up the van Tues PM. Head out Wed AM to put up the display.

Free Plants

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As mentioned last month, Harry Brankov of the Coastal Valley Orchid Society (Lompoc) has passed on leaving an extensive orchid collection.  Our president Linda Hauss spent the day Sunday Feb 23 helping CVOS with the sale of his plants.  Thank You, Linda. Jeannie Beattie was most appreciative.  A large collection still remains.