July 2015

Good news, we’re back in our old meeting place, the Women's Center.  We’ll celebrate by having our annual Summer Potluck and Barbecue on July 9 at 6:30 PM.  Tri - tip will be masterfully bbq’d by our own Alan Durham (Thanks Alan!).   Everyone else, bring a dish to share (salad, side dish, dessert, etc.) and your own plate and utensils. 

After dinner we'll have our Summer Silent Auction.  Bring orchids you wish to donate to the club.  Put a description of the plant on a bid sheet (find them at the end of this newsletter) and place with the plant.  Including a photo of the flower if available is good -- bidders like to see what they are bidding on.   We're not proud -- you may also bring any other items to the auction that you think others will bid on -- anything that will make the club money.   Lastly, bring money -- cash or check -- to pay for your new plants.  

We'll also announce the winner of our Name the Orchid Show contest.  If you haven't submitted ideas yet, send them to Chris Ehrler BEFORE  JULY  6.  

Thanks, Eric

Our May meeting was a successful night of repotting old and new plants Special thanks go out to Eric Holenda, Chris Ehrler, Linda Hauss, Jeff Thompson and Larry Vierheilig. They helped make potting simple and gave us lots of hints.

  1. July is a time of active growth for most orchids and there are very few varieties that are in bloom now. Abundant light and fertilizer help ensure good growth. As the temperatures heat up, increasing air circulation can help orchids beat the heat.

  2. Keeping orchids moist can be a challenge as temperatures heat up. Misters produce some of the finest water spray and do so with a minimum amount of effort.

  3. Many Phalaenopsis start to lose their blooms in early summer, learn about which stems to cut, and which to keep. Repot Phals when they go out of bloom.

  4. Mid-summer affords the opportunity to take some time to get organized. A numbering system and colored label tags are a great help..