January 2015

Happy New Year

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Christmas Potluck and Silent Auction

Our evening was a huge success. If you missed it, you not only missed some great food, but also a chance to take home some outstanding orchid plants. Alice Swope cooked the hams. And, oh my goodness, were theyGREAT !

You can pay me at the next meeting. Or you can mail $20 to me. If any of your information changes, include it with your dues. Thanks.
Judy Scheithauer

Be sure to attend out January 8th meeting.

Hope all of you had a Happy Holiday.
On the matter of Club Officers: Anne Bachman has volunteered to be a director at large, and Judith would like to stay on as Secretary thanks to both of you. I have had no response to the open Vice president position.  There would be a lot of help and support to the person accepting the position so please do not think you are not qualified.
Looking forward to seeing you this year.

A Note from Eric

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mtg summary A lot of us acquired new plants at the December silent auction,  of which many may be unfamiliar to you,  their new owner.  It is of course most important to start out growing a new plant right from the get go so it will flourish and bloom.  Please bring these plants back to our meeting,  and our club's advanced growers  will answer any  questions you have about the plant and provide general guidance on care for it.  We will also have potting materials available if repotting is called for.  You may  of course bring in any plant you have questions about  --  it is not limited to just the silent auction plants.  Most important: PLEASE BRING IN PLANTS.  If you don't, we won't have anything to talk about.

January means a new year and also means we start the rev up process for our ORCHID SHOW ( March 27 - 29 ).  The success of the Show depends on lots of help from all of you  working at the Show and also spreading the word  --  getting friends, neighbors, relatives and strangers to come and enjoy our big event.  Start talking it up NOW.  Our show offers potting demos, plant doctors, door prizes, and 6 - 8 orchid nurseries selling their plants and orchid supplies.  Let people know.    Our club also puts in a nice display at the Santa Barbara Show  ( March 13 - 15 ).   Both these displays are of course not possible if we don't have blooming orchids,  and now is the time for you to give your plants the extra care they need for extravagant displays during show season.  If you have plants that you know bloom reliably that time of the year,  they are the ones you want to focus your time and attention on.  You can even bring them to the meeting for more advice.

Thanks. Eric