February 2014

The Prez Sez

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I was glad to see such a nice turnout for our speaker from Sunset Valley Orchids.  I have many Cattleya crosses in my collection from Fred Clarke but I purchased my first Dendrobium plant that night. I think the society is fortunate to have the resources to bring such excellent speakers to us. Thank you to all who were able to purchase plants from SVO.
As the new president I welcome your input as to what would benefit you as a member, and other suggestions or ideas that you would like to share.

Speaker Notes January 2014 FCOS Meeting

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mtg-summaryFCOS had the privilege of having Fred Clarke who owns Sunset Valley Orchids speak about Australian Native Dendrobium orchids at the January meeting. He has found them as easy to grow as Cymbidiums. They are found growing in nature along the eastern coastline of Australia. On a recent trip to Australia he saw D. speciosum growing on tops of boulders (in filtered light) with lots of organic material around its base in which the roots were growing.

February Speaker

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next-mtgOur Feb. 13th program will be presented by Wayne Ferrell of Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. His program will encompass orchid mounting: types of mounting media, types of orchids that like to be mounted and those that don't, when to mount, and water/fertilizing requirements during the year. This is a very interesting program and a way to possibly recover some of the bench space in your greenhouse, shade house or wherever you grow your orchids. Wayne will be providing the plants for the opportunity table and may also bring some plants for sale.

Did You Know?

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We will need a gaggle of ribbon judges at our society’s show in April. This is a FUN, informative  and interesting job at our society’s show  April 3-6. Judging takes place on Thurs. afternoon. You will be placed on a team, headed by an AOS judge or judge in training, given a list of classes to judge, then head out, find your plants and select the winners.  At the end of the judging, everyone gets to vote on the overall winners. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!! Only requirement is an eagerness to help.