August 2016

I would like to begin by thanking everyone who helped with our successful potluck and silent auction at the July meeting. Our star BBQ’er, Alan Durham, did another stellar job cooking the meat and the potluck dishes were very tasty. I would also like to thanks everyone that donated items to the silent auction and those that brought their check books along and purchased items. All of the items had multiple bids with some having so many bids that the bid sheet was almost filled. In past silent auction FCOS generally made about $500-600 but this time we made almost $1,000. Thanks again for all the donations. To the successful bidders, keep our new orchids happy so that they will bloom and you can share them during a future meeting‘s show and tell or at an upcoming show.

Thinking about shows, the show committee recently met and decided to have another show next year. You are probably interested in the show theme name and the dates so you can add it to your next year’s calendar. Well you will have to wait in expectation and attend the August 11 meeting because that is when the theme and dates will be announced. 

Hope to see you at the August 11 meeting.  Chris

Speaker for August 11 meeting will be Tanya Lam from San Jose. 

Many of you already know her.  You purchased orchids from her at our show in April .

About Tanya…

Tanya has been growing orchids since 1997; she continued to try different methods of growing conditions and growing medium.  She was creative in adjusting her growing methods to raise her orchids with their healthiest rooting systems, and in turn enjoy their best performances in flowering.  During the first few years of growing, her job required extensive travel, which required her to have good planning and orchid mixes that stay moist exactly 7 days.  Tanya created her own mixes to fit her weekly watering schedule and condition.  Tanya always looks for ways to improve her greenhouse operations and improve growing conditions.  Orchid has become Tanya’s obsession and second profession.  Tanya has seen orchids growing in Australia, Thailand, China, and Singapore.  She loves to travel and dreams to visit many more orchid habitats in the world.

Tanya grows many species and hybrids in San Jose, California.  Her special interests are both species and hybrids mostly of psychopsis, dendrobium, epidendrum, paphiopedilum, encyclia, cattleya, vandacous, and the challenging angraecoids.  She has recently explored many other orchid genera as well.  Tanya likes “showy” orchids and on the search for long and/or frequent blooming orchids. She also likes to grow plants into specimen size.  Her most favorite orchids are Psychopsis and Neofinetia hybrids, both are almost always in bloom.

Tanya gives many orchid talks to orchid societies locally in the Bay area and many cities where she conducts her Human Resources System consulting business. Tanya devoted each winter to work on orchid talk when the orchids need less attention besides collecting rain water.  She held many board positions and is past vice president and past president of Malihini Orchid Society. Tanya is an active member of many orchid societies in the SF Bay area.

Tanya has earned few AOS awards and mostly proud to have 2 orchids named after her – 

Paph Tanya Lam (P. Maudiae x P. tigrinum) 

Cattleya Tanya Lam 'Bud Segraves HCC/AOS (L. rupestris 'Eifel Tower' x C. coquina 'Amesthystina')