2013 FCOS Orchid Show Awards: "Nature's Gems"

Perpetual Trophy Winners

The Mayor's Award
Mayors from the Five Cities area award their choice for the most outstanding orchid flower or plant exhibited at the show
Orchid Design, San Jose, CA – Odontoglossum reichenheimii

The Paul Delegram Award
Awarded to the most outstanding plant in the Pleurothallid Alliance
Chris Ehrler, Grover Beach, CA - Masdevallia Elven Poppies

Celebrity Judges' Award
A panel of celebrites award their favorite orchid exhibited at the show
Ralph & Joy Hanson, San Luis Obispo, CA – Phalaenopsis hybrid

The Paul Jenzen Family Award
Awarded to the best first bloomed seedling of any genera exhibited at the show. No clones or divisions are considered.
Asbell Orchids, Arroyo Grande, CA – Cymbidium James Toya x Jaimie Nunez

The Robert L. Asbell Award
Bob is a commercial cymbidium grower and hybridizer in Arroyo Grande, California. As a former Cymbidium Society of America (CSA) judge, Bob knows the secrets to growing  award winning cymbidiums, and is looking forward to promoting some healthy competition for this award.
Asbell Orchids, Arroyo Grande, CA – Cymbidium Patricia's Peace 'Little Jo'

The Rebecca T. Northen Award
Our society was most honored during the 1998 show when Rebecca T. Northen was on hand to present the first perpetual award in her honor for the most unusual species exhibited at the show. This is also the first award named in Rebecca's honor for her major contributions to the world of orchids through frequent lectures and her many books and articles she has authored over the years before retiring to Washington state.
SLO Gardens, Arroyo Grande, CA – Bulbophyllum arfakakianum

Premium Award Winners

Grand ChampionSunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA – Sophronitis Arizona 'SVO Jewel' AM 80.3pts.

Reserve Grand ChampionBill Robson, Santa Barbara, CA – Cattleya intermedia var aquinii 'Sycamore Creek'

President’s AwardLarry Vierheilig, Nipomo, CA - Dockrilla linguiformes

AOS Trophy for Most Outstanding ExhibitSunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA

Orchid Digest Best Display AwardFive Cities Orchid Society, Arroyo Grande, CA

FCOS Best Theme Display AwardCoastal Valley Orchid Society, Lompoc, CA

Best Division Winners

CymbidiumAsbell Orchids, Arroyo Grande, CA – Cym. Patricia's Peace 'Little Jo'

Cattleya AllianceSunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA – Soph. Arizona 'SVO Jewel' AM 80.3pts.

Epidendrums/EncycliasSLO Orchids, Arroyo Grande, CA – Epi. trifidum

PhragmipediumSunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA – Phrag. Fritz Schomberg

PaphiopedilumSunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA – Paph. Addicted Philip

PhalaenopsisTuyets Orchids, Huntington Beach, CA – Dtps. Tying Shin Fantastic World After Wars

Vanda AllianceLarry Vierheilig, Nipomo, CA – Vanda coerulescens

Oncidium AllianceTuyets Orchids, Huntington Beach, CA – Colm. Catatante 'Pacific Sunspots'

Odontoglossum/HybridsOrchid Design, San Jose, CA – Oda. McLean Vahe x (Ariewood x Durham City)

Miltonia/Miltoniopsis/BrassiaSLO Orchids, Arroyo Grande, CA – Maclellanara Pagan Love Song

DendrobiumsOrchid Society of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA – Dend. densiflorum

Pleurothallid AllianceJeffrey Thompson, Santa Barbara, CA – Pleurothallis Bev Debricant

Other GeneraAsbell Orchids, Arroyo Grande, CA – Coelogyne cristata Alba

American Orchid Society Awards

Don Brown, Santa Barbara, CA - Paphiopedilum Junior Coxwell 'Minah Jean' AM/AOS – 80 points [Paph. Francisco Baptista x Paph. armeniacum]

Sunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA - Sophronitis Arizona 'SVO Jewel' AM/AOS – 80 points [Soph. coccinea x Soph brevipedunculata]

Sunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA - Paphiopedilum Addicted Philip 'SVO' HCC/AOS – 77 points
[Paph. philippenense x Paph. aductum]

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